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  • Managed Print Service
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  • COLOR Graphic Solutions
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  • Photocopier
  • Multifunction Products
  • Printer – Laser - Inkjet
  • COLOR Graphic Solutions
  • Wide Format Printers
  • Duplicators - Projectors
  • CD Production Printers
  • Consumables Spares
  • Document Achieving
  • Rental - Lease - Free Copiers
  • Remanufactured Copier - Printer
  • Managed Print Service


Leaders in Managed Print Services

With over 500 customers across Kerala

We offer impartial advice and consultancy

Kerala’s largest BRAND independent Managed Print Service (MPS) provider

About Us

Global Sources India (GSI)

    Global Sources India (GSI): is Kerala’s largest BRAND independent Managed Print Service (MPS) provider and leading supplier of Imaging & Visual products. With over 500 customers across Kerala, we supply the latest technology from many of the world’s leading manufacturers. We offer impartial advice and consultancy, excellent flexible finance options and unparalleled service support giving total piece of mind and value for money for our customers. It shouldn't be difficult or expensive when you are leasing, renting or purchasing a photocopier, printer, projector, UPS, video conferencing system or installing and maintaining a network system for your organization. GSI a brand Independent Service Provider, offer quality range of products from brands including, but not limited to HP, Canon, Epson, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Huawei and CISCO. We offer a Full Preventative Maintenance schedule for all products supplied and hold a major stockholding of Parts and consumables at our Head Office. 23 years of experience in the imaging industry is our expertise

    Some of the services we provide:

    • Managed Print Services (MPS) - you get the machine, consumables and service without any initial investment You only pay for the prints and copies you use
    • Leasing, Rental and Purchase of the latest Office Technology
    • Service and repair for your existing copiers/printers - most brands
    • Annual Maintenance Contracts & PPRC – Per Page Rate Contract
    • Buy-out options on you existing outdated printers, copiers and OA products
    • Document Management Services – Scanning and Achieving to cloud
    • IT Infrastructure, Networking and Facility Management GReenS – Green Remanufactured Systems

    Independent and impartial advise...

      Document Management
      Voice & Data
      IT Networking
      Outright Purchase
      Service & Support

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    Our Amazing Products

    Our Services

    Rental or Lease

    Rental or Lease office equipments.

    Free Copiers


    Services and Support

    Transform the consumer experience and you transform your business.


    A Document Management System is an all-in-one solution which is designed to handle and protect the documentation of a complete business electronically:


    If you are looking for more success in your life whether it be monetary or personal, consider an e-DocS Franchise.

    Our Services in Details

    Rental or Lease

      Every business needs new equipment at some point. Existing equipment gets old and outdated and additional equipment is often needed to grow a business. Today most of the SME companies rent or lease equipment to remain competitive. They recognize that “it is more important to have and use the equipment than it is to own the equipment it is more important to have and use the equipment than it is to own the equipment” There are many advantages to Rent/Lease your equipments from GSI. Here are the reasons we feel are most important:
      Conserve Working Capital:-
      Get the equipment and technology you need today while spreading your payments over time. Capital budgets can be used for other business expenses and more productive operational uses. Rental/Lease from GSI, preserves your lines of credit. Save your bank borrowing capacity for other emergencies.
      Prevent Equipment Obsolescence :-
      Technology changes rapidly. The software and equipment you purchased 2 years ago is most likely outdated. With GSI Rental/Lease, when your term is over, you have the option to purchase your equipment, trade it in for new equipment or return it outright. Keep your business at the forefront of your industry through our offerings. 100% Tax deductible :- (operating expenses vs. capital expenditure). There is no need to depreciate the copier. Simply write off all costs as a business expense
      No Down Payment Required :-
      Unlike outright purchase or some loan programs, you can Rent/Lease your equipment, and include additional costs such as software, shipping, installation, maintenance, consumables, parts and training into your total package.
      Choose Payments and Terms :-
      You know how much your business can afford to spend on your new equipment. With GSI you can pick the best Rent/Lease option for your business. Extended terms, flexible payment options and equipment upgrades are all available.
      Budget Friendly :-
      Rental/Lease equipment can create income for your business that far exceeds the cost of your monthly payment. You can stretch your budget to obtain additional equipment you couldn't have afforded otherwise through fixed monthly payments.

      Services and Support

      Transform the consumer experience and you transform your business.

        We know that in today’s world, customers are loyal to great experiences, not companies. We set ourselves apart from our competitors and captured our market share by providing a personalized, consistent and seamless support experience to each of our customers. Global Sources India (GSI) is committed to providing excellent customer service. Our dedicated technicians, service engineers and support staff are available to assist with all of your technical needs and support queries.
      Our commitment to our customers:
      At GSI, we value working with our customers in a collaborative, flexible and innovative way. We strive for excellence in delivering services in partnership with customers regardless of size or location. We have developed a reputation for excellence earned through our commitment to customer service and our consistent track record for delivering successful outcomes.
      As a GSI customer you will:
      • Experience this in the relationship we will build with you and your business
      • See our commitment through our focus on delivery and outcomes
      • Engage with some of the most talented, experienced and passionate people in the industry.
      As a GSI customer you will:
      Your satisfaction is of critical importance to us. If your equipment fails to perform in accordance with the standards set out in our Sales Information Document, we will replace it, at your request, without charge to you, with an identical unit or a unit with comparable age or features and capabilities. The terms of the GSI Satisfaction Guarantee is four (4) years from equipment delivery to you. This GSI Satisfaction Guarantee applies to new equipment acquired by you directly from GSI and continuously maintained by GSI or our Authorised Agents under a service contract. Please use the links to log a service call or order consumables

      Free Copiers


        GSI supply a significant number of MFD's (Multi Functional Devices) at no upfront or ongoing expense to colleges, schools and hospitals as a result of the Pay for Print scheme. Given these MFD's are loaned without cost, schools can benefit from their use and have a chance to generate a small profit from these machines, therefore preventing the need to spend their capital-expenditure budget.GSI supply essential equipment, without any additional extra costs allowing our customers to use their money in different areas of importance, and on other beneficial factors.
        This scheme was originally designed as a test project, investigating how feasible loaning machines without charge could be, being self-financing allowing the party concerned to make more efficient use of their budgets. This was planned to be accomplished via GSI taking on equipment/machine costs, encompassed within copy charges on the volume of use by the customer to make it financially feasible. This concept proved so effective that a dedicated division was setup, primarily to deal with the supplying of free photocopiers to schools, colleges & Hospitals.
        • All you pay for is the copies and prints
        • No lengthy agreements
        • All consumables, parts and service included
        • No contractual obligations
        • No Fixed term contract
        • Upgrade equipment anytime
        • Equipments can be returned at any time
        Here at GSI we are able to provide our copiers, without the large equipment costs. We simply supply schools with the tools required to copy and print minimising their outlay, as they will only need to pay for the paper. This means that educational establishments can win when it comes to using the equipment and not have to spend out on capital equipment costs.GSI bring essential copiers to schools without the overheads normally associates with these tools.
        The cost per copy charge covers the free machine and also the service back up. This back up service is combined of service, spare parts and consumables. Our target is to stick to a 2-3 hour response time to any service, which includes a routine preventative maintenance. Training for all of the equipment is supplied upon installation and if required is available on a more frequent basis.
        Collections of systems are accessible, ranging from low volume machines, producing 18 copies per minute to more higher volume DUPLICATORS capable of 120 copies per minute. These systems can either be simple, stand alone units, or multifunctional systems that are digitally networked. All of our available devices come with duplex and sorting as standard. There are no constraints on the amount of units per school, simply choose what best suits your requirements


        Document Management

          A Document Management System is an all-in-one solution which is designed to handle and protect the documentation of a complete business electronically:
          DMS is used to track and store documents both print and photos and is often viewed as a component of content management systems. The earliest systems were either developed to manage proprietary file types, or a limited number of file formats, but many were later referred to as document imaging systems. The DMS concept is to act as an all in one, stand alone system that performs all the tasks necessary to manage the entire electronic documents of an organisation. To achieve this, documents management systems (DMS) must possess certain attributes to deal with the requirements of a demanding business. The transition from paper based systems to an electronic based system requires certain functionally from the DMS to perform these tasks effectively . DMS also provide Metadata (When storing a piece of data, Metadata may typically state details such as the date of which the document was stored and the author of the document), integration, capture (When capturing the data of a document Optical Character Recognition software is often used to convert digital images into readable text), indexing (this is used to track of document identifiers or classification through the metadata), storage, retrieval, distribution, security, workflow, collaboration (this allows for documents to be retrieved and worked on by authorised users), versioning (this allows users to retrieve previous versions of a document to view or modify), searching and publishing.
          Advantages of Electronic Document Management:
          Here are just a few of the advantages gained when using GSI Document Management System: Improve customer satisfaction. Answer telephone queries promptly instead of searching for elusive paper files and making costly return calls.
          • Access your information, anywhere, anytime. You can access your data remotely, from any Internet-enabled PC in the world.
          • Confidential information is protected. The system allows secure access to data within the limits of any job function.
          • Track system activity. Audit trails track the life history of records, and monthly accounts can be produced for you to review quickly and easily
          • Comply with regulations. The system helps you ensure compliance with any legal requirements.
          • Reduce the risk. Files and records are safely backed up for easy recovery in case of disaster
          • Save time. Retrieval takes seconds, even if you hold millions of records.
          • Save space. You can release costly office space currently taken up by filing cabinets and archives.
          • Save paper, save trees. Reducing your paper workflow is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


          “Control Your Own Destiny”
          "Success in life can never be an accident."
          "It is the result of right decisions at the right time"
          If you are looking for more success in your life whether it be monetary or personal, consider an e-DocS Franchise.

          Each e-DocS shop is independently owned and operated by people like yourself who want more out of life. More money, more freedom and more control.
          Call us to learn more about a e-DocS Franchise today!
          If you want to lead an extraordinary life, find out what the ordinary do–and don't do it.” At e-DocS, we do things differently than an ordinary Copy & Print Shop.

          e-DocS FRANCHISE Benefits:

          • Low startup and low inventory
          • Technology driven business
          • High percentage of Repeat Business
          • Advertising/Promotions plans
          • Initial and ongoing training
          • Regional Operations support
          • Site Selection assistance
          • Store design/layout package
          • Quality Control
          • Centralised Purchasing Power
          • Authorised Service Agents
          • Service Outsourcing opportunity
          • New service development
          • Bank approved financing

          e-DocS store services:

          • Photocopy & Print services
          • DTP – Project reports
          • Binding & Lamination
          • Scan to PDF & CLOUD services
          • e-mail, Internet services
          • Gov Citizen services facilitation
          • Community services
          • Utility bill payments
          • Online payments
          • Tel, Mobile payments and recharge
          • Online purchase
          • Air, Bus bookings
          • Sales Tax / VAT remittances/li>
          • ID CARD services


          GSI and the Environment

            GSI recognizes its responsibilities towards the environment and believes that the management of environmental issues should be an integral part of the business. As part of a continuing drive for quality, GSI is therefore committed to minimizing the impact of all operational processes on the environment by means of a programs of continuous improvement

              GSI ensures that all equipment is sourced from suppliers with manufacturing facilities that are ISO 9001 accredited. GSI also ensures that all equipment manufactured meets the applicable quality standards including Energy Star guidelines for energy efficiency and the Blue Angel award for minimizing ozone emissions or comparable manufacturing standards.

                GSI provides full toner recycling support and conforms to both WEEE and RoHS guidelines. To minimize waste going to landfill, returned equipment is remanufactured under license and waste materials, including toners are collected and sent to accredited waste processor or recycling facility. GSI has associated with world’s leading e-recycling organizations has developed a program to control the disposal of manufacturer's product and consumable waste equipment, to reduce the amount going to landfill to a negligible level, in support of the WEEE Directive.

                  GSI closely monitors and controls all document-based processes to optimize savings, limit risk and manage the carbon impact and energy consumption of a solution. We only get associated with vendors having the following accreditions

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